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Methodist Reveals Proposed Wellness Center

Methodist Dallas Medical Center has revealed  plans to build a new Folsom Wellness Center to be located at the site of the present tennis courts, and to replace the existing Folsom Fitness Center.  Per MDMC, this wellness center will be for adults of all ages and NOT a recreation center.  As such, the facility will NOT include Basketball courts,  tennis  courts,  childcare, or a kitchen (other than  a small kitchen for demonstration).  Construction is planned to start in 2018 and finish in early 2020.

Methodist has agreed to the following requests, made by the EKPNA Board:

  • There will be NO additional curb cuts on Greenbriar, all public traffic will enter/exit on Beckley.
  • The architect plans originally called for a design potentially adversely affecting the neighbors on Greenbriar, across the street from the center, including a reflective roof and lighted signage facing Greenbriar.  On the recommendation of current EKPNA Board President, Josh Skoch, Methodist reworked their design to eliminate the reflective roof and their signage will now face Beckley Ave. 

Additionally, the EKPNA board requested and obtained agreement to the following concessions:

  • Existing metal fence along Greenbriar from Haines to Beckley will remain.
  • Security lighting is to be directed down and away from houses and sky.
  • Sound attenuation louvers be used to prevent noise pollution into the neighborhood.
  • The full length windows called for in the original design be replaced by windows less than full height for those facing the homes on Greenbriar.
  • The center’s customer and service traffic entry be moved to Beckley (and NOT on Greenbriar, as the architect had proposed) using the existing hospital parking areas. 
  • All service and trash pickup traffic to use the new drive on the south side of the building from the new parking area.
  • NO construction staging, deliveries or construction parking on Greenbriar, Haines or anywhere within the neighborhood. 

If you would like to learn more, see the review of Methodist’s 16-page graphic presentation as it was present the the EKPNA board.

The proposed new contemporary design facility includes:

  • Approximately 230’ x 30’ tall, 31,000 SF, two floor wellness center.
  • 154 space parking area with landscaping and a new service area.
  • For visual appeal, mechanical equipment will be located on the roof, inside sunken equipment wells.
  • Existing pedestrian access into the site at both Haines and Beckley to remain.
  • Upon completion of the facility, the existing fitness center will be demolished to make way for a a new parking area and a new drive on the south side of the new facility, to be used by all service and trash pickup traffic.

DSGN Wins Preservation Award

Many neighbors remember Darwin Renner, a long-time East Kessler Park resident, the first engineer for GSI (predecessor to Texas Instruments), inventor, and founder of Geotronic Labs.  His office building at 115 West Greenbriar Lane was renovated by and is now home to DSGN, an international architecture and planning firm owned by East Kessler Park residents and activist architects, Bob and Patricia Meckfessel.

DSGN posted the following on their website regarding being awarded Preservation Dallas’ 18th Annual Preservation Achievement Award for the rehabilitation of their headquarters.

“We are pleased to announce DSGN was named a winner of Preservation Dallas’ 18th Annual Preservation Achievement Awards for the rehabilitation of our headquarters. Located in the historic 1962 Prinz and Brooks Geotronics Building, we renovated the building in 2014 to revive the building’s unique midcentury design. The revitalized and renovated building has proven to be a delightful, efficient, and collaborative work space with high-quality daylight and views for employees and visitors alike."

Sound Wall on East Kessler Park Side of I-30

The long anticipate sound wall is going up on the south side of I-30, between Sylvan and Beckley. As of March 2018, new panels are being installed daily. 

Apartment project planned for Trinity Floors site

Trinity Floor Company has been  sold. 

Currently, an apartment project is planned and up for review by the city.

Redevelopment of Chase Building on Sylvan Ave.

The Sylvan Ave. Chase Building is to be redeveloped by the same developers as Sylvan|Thirty. As of March 2018, no other information is available regarding the site design.

City of Dallas Update on Kidd Springs Improvements

Beginning in early 2018, the City of Dallas started actively working to improve the safety of the dam, improve erosion control and develop a more accessible entrance to the lake. Additional studies are expected to investigate dredging the lake to remove silt and contaminants.  The City is also investigating the potential for creation of a waterfall feature and improving water delivery to the lakes. 

Please Do Not Feed The Ducks!

The City of Dallas has requested park patrons PLEASE STOP FEEDING THE DUCKS!  According to the City, the feeding of the ducks at Kidd Springs has resulted in ducks being severely overweight and therefore unable to resume their  typical migratory  patterns-- essentially, they are too fat to fly!  Ducks cannot resume their migratory patterns unless they return to a more reasonable dietary pattern and weight.


Intersection Improvements 

  • 2 north-bound and 2 south-bound lanes with left turns for Beckley
  • Pedestrian crosswalks with pedestrian signalization and ADA Access
  • Pedestrian refuge in the medians
  • Lighting and Shade trees
  • Wide sidewalks with rain gardens providing separation from the street
  • Buffered bike lanes with bike boxes
  • Improved parking for the Trinity
  • Transit/drop off areas at Overlook and Trail head

Of special note, the built-in rain garden feature will make Beckley/Commerce the first green AND complete street for the City of Dallas.  This is a noteworthy project not only for the City but particularly for Oak Cliff/ West Dallas residents who will have a pedestrian and bike friendly Gateway across Beckley to the Trinity Park.

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