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Letter from the President

Dear East Kessler Park Neighbor,

As we enter our 81st year, the East Kessler Park Neighborhood Association continues to represent and advance the interests of the residents in our community. Our mission remains unchanged.

To accomplish many of our goals we need your help. Please sign up now to show your support of our efforts and become a dues paying member of your association. Our main source of funding comes from your generous contributions.

Your membership dues and offer of volunteer hours will allow us to continue efforts that began over 80 years ago:

  • To keep all East Kessler Park residents informed of issues vital to our neighborhood and provide an effective communication link with Methodist Hospital, Heritage Oak Cliff, the School District, our city council representative, Scott Griggs, and other influential representatives, groups and businesses.
  • To organize social activities attended by hundreds of residents throughout the year – our annual Fall Thing, Spring Picnic, Holiday Party and National Night Out;
  • To improve safety and beautification of our streets through better communication of events affecting the neighborhood and attention to the clean-up of the neighborhood landscaped traffic islands.

Our top priority this year is to begin new beautification projects. You will soon notice new plantings in the median on Greenbriar at Stemmons Ave. These beautification projects will continue, thanks to the hard work of Beautification Chairperson, Rene Gracia, and his committee, and Methodist Hospital. I know we are all looking forward to seeing the results!  If you would like to volunteer to help with the beautification efforts, please send a note to Rene via the link on our website, or send an email to him directly at beautification@eastkessler.org.

If you would like to share any ideas for future projects, improvements, celebrations or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address: info@eastkessler.org, or you may contact me directly at: president@eastkessler.org

Being involved, participating, and contributing to our community are important factors in keeping this neighborhood a valuable part of the city.  I encourage you to actively participate in our neighborhood this year by signing up on a committee, helping at an event, or running for a Board position. If interested, simply get in touch with any of our EKPNA Board members or submit a quick note via our website Contact Us form.  If you cannot make it to any of our meetings or events, you can still support the neighborhood by paying your annual $50 Neighborhood Association dues and help us continue to work on your behalf.  

Memberships are valid 9/1 through 8/30.

I hope to see you at one of our neighborhood social events this year!  Please keep an eye on our website Calendar and Neighborhood News postings for more details on recent and future activities/events.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Linda Young


New EKPNA Officers Elected

Follow this link to find out who they are and how to contact them.

Annual Picnic a Huge Success!

Our Annual Spring Picnic was held Sunday, May 6th at 1065 Kessler Parkway.  A special thanks to Alan and Emily McDaniel for the use of their beautiful yard.

Neighbors brought wonderful dishes to share, with the main entree generously donated by one of our long time sponsors, Golden Chick and beverages were provided by the association.

Pictured from left to right are Russ White, Shawn Hejke (NOCUPP officer), and Michelle Wilkins.

If you have pictures you would like to share, please submit to communications@eastkessler.org.

$9.4 million to extend Coombs Creek Trail

About $7.2 million will be spent to bring the trail about 1.5 miles from Kessler Parkway to the Interstate 30 pedestrian bridge.

Construction on that part could begin in March 2019 and be completed in September 2019.

About $7.2 million will be spent to bring the trail about 1.5 miles from Kessler Parkway to the Interstate 30 pedestrian bridge.

That project will include building a 12-foot-wide trail, including a $4.7-million bridge, that will cross Beckley and connect to the I-30 pedestrian bridge. That 1-30 bridge, by the way, is still undergoing safety testing.

This Kessler Park part of the project could be finished in July 2020, with construction taking about a 10 months.

For more information, follow this link.

Crime & Safety Report

There have been numerous reports of burglaries, car thefts and car break ins in the last few days throughout North Oak Cliff, including homes in East Kessler Park.  Please be sure to call 911 if you have been a victim of any crime or see any suspicious activities.

If you are member of North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol (NOCUPP), be sure to also call or text them about the incident after you have called 911. Please do not share the NOCUPP cell number with non-members.  If you are interested in finding out more information, or joinging NOCUPP, follow the link above.

If you want EKPNA to share your information with other East Kessler Park neighbors in the future, email Hope White @ safety@eastkessler.org. (Not all neighbors are accessing Nextdoor, Facebook, etc.)

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