2018 Fall Thing: Creatures of the Night


Guess Who? Who? will be attending this year's event...Hermes (the great horned owl) and Pigwidgeon (an eastern screech owl). They will be greeting party-goers from 6:00-8:00 p.m. To learn more about these birds, please visit Window to the Wild.

SEPTEMBER 29th for the 9th Annual “FALL THING” EKPNA’s special party for fostering neighborhood fellowship, growing our active membership and a love of good music and food. Tim and Louise Herfel will host at 940 Kessler Parkway. Food service and music will start at 6:00. Golden Chick and Eno's Pizza will supply the main dishes and neighbors will bring a side dish or dessert, and EKPNA will provide beverages. There will be a Silent Auction Tent and entertainment provided by Floramay Holiday and Over the River Band, followed by Jimmy Wallace and the Stratoblasters with Jerry Don Branch.

 Hope to see you there neighbor!


Alas this does not happen by magic.  We need your talents, skills and time.  There are easy tasks like, icing down the beer.  Doesn’t take a lot of time but hey someone has to do it.  Volunteers will be needed to set up the tables and chairs for eating and visiting; during the event to keep everything running smoothly; afterwards to clean up and take down the tables and chairs.  Notice that word, “volunteers” keeps surfacing.  

Also we need silent auction items.  One neighbor has a friend that has a bicycle shop and we get bicycles.  See how this works.  So, if you have season tickets to anything and you can live with out going to every game or performance, your neighbors would like a shot at bidding for those tickets; or have a special talent such as making the ever popular walking man art, cooking barbeque, making jams or jellies, etc, or if you can take some time to solicit Trinity Grove or Bishop Arts for donations for auction items, that would be greatly appreciated.

 Now you can’t wait to get in the big game how do you get involved? Please contact Michael at code@eastkessler.org

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